Kaitlyn’s Men is now available on Amazon!

In a future, post apocalyptic world, Kaitlyn is surprised to find out that she is one of the few womkm-coveren who can have children. In her time, Breeders are expected to form a breeding family with the males that are most likely to be a successful breeding match. Once Kaitlyn, an independent career woman, finds out that she must form a breeding family she has to struggle with the changes she experiences as she accommodates her mates and other possible matches. She slowly evolves from a career woman to a sensual woman who wants to please her men and bear their children.

Warning: This is a work of erotica. It involves sex between a woman and multiple partners. If you aren’t comfortable with this content, please do not buy this novella. Not appropriate for eighteen years old and younger.


About Jane Pearl

Jane Pearl is a burgeoning erotic author who specializes in books featuring BDSM, Domestic Discipline and Menage.

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